Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My first post!

Well, I have a blog now. This is kinda cool, yo0u guys get to hear about every little detail of my life. I know you are thrilled.;) So anyways, alot is going on with me. I am excited about whats going on. My first event is my frenn- Karissa and Adam, are getting married May 3rd. This wedding is taking alot of work but we are having tons of fun in the process and it will be beautiful. :) My other exciting event is that I am taking my first mission trip. My Meemaw and I are going to JAPAN!!! I am elated. We are leaving 2 days after the wedding. It will be a tight squeeze but very do-able. I put in for my passport today. Whoo-Hoo. So besides that I work every day and church. Church is exciting. My Sunday school class is full of teen girls that come to church on the bus. We have fun in our class. M242 is going and its going GREAT! Alot of work has went into this and it is reaping ready. Our Group (Sac state and Sac city) is growing. Well, I am being summoned to take a nap. LOL. Ciao!