Friday, July 4, 2008

Jhenai is getting married!

This is Estee, Jhenai, Darling and SarahAnne. These were all kids living in my neighborhood that were some of my best friends. We have all moved away...some far and some not so far. We do not get to see each other very often but we are all still very close. When we see one another its like we spoke everyday since we saw each other last. These are what I call life time friends. And now, My bestest friend Jhenai is getting married. I cannot believe that we are all old enough to get married! This is my second best friend to get married! AHH! But I am very happy for Jhenai and Isaiah! and I want to wish them the very best for the journey they have departed on! I told Isaiah that he has caught one of the best girls around and he better treat her like a queen...and Izzy if you read this..I meant it! I love you both very much!


This is some pictures from a couple years ago..I found them on the computer and wanted to share them with you! Karissa and I walking.. I love this Picture!
Lilly and I after service at the pizza place...

My Dear friends Nina, Karissa and Victoria took me to a play for my Birthday!
Our first freedom week. Karissa, Steven, Shay, SarahAnne, Jenna, Adam, and Ashley!
Karen and I at the Memorial day picnic. I miss my Karen!
Karissa and I. Having fun playing in old Elk Grove! Freedom week. Lexi, SarahAnne and Korena waiting for the outside church service to start!


Well, folks...I have been extremely busy and have not been online for a week~! Life gets to be too much sometimes! The Lord is great through it all! So, It is the 4th of July and I am going to the Rodeo! I cannot wait. It's gonna be AWESOME~! I have promised you pictures but unfortunately, My dear friend Korena has not shared them with me yet! HaHA. So, I will be posting some very old and random pictures that I found on my computer! I thought they would be fun to look at! Love you all!