Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A long time coming....

Howdy folks!
It has truly been a long time coming. I have not been online FOREVER. A whole lot has been going on in my life... mostly good! We just returned from PEAK and let me tell you it was AWESOME! God moved in that youth conference like never before. My uncle Kenny, Aunt Kim, Korena, LeighLee, Lexi, Austin and I drove in the suburban to Tulsa Ok. to attend P.E.A.K. and Quizzing Nationals. It was a pretty quick ride there without many stops...but very entertaining. Everyone who talked to us was like..."OMW! You drove here...How boring." Well, apparently they do not know the people I was with. Boring is probably the furthest word I can think of to describe our trip. Our main event on the way was Cross Ministry's. You can visit there web site at . It WAS amazing. It is complete statues of the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They also had the beatitudes, 10 commandments, fountain of divine mercy and a memorial to the innocent victims of abortion. It was very touching to see all these things put in to life. We also saw the guy who was walking across the country with the cross....only his was on wheels.:) So, then the services at P.E.A.K. were nothing short of wonderful. Bro. Marks allowed God to move through him in a mighty mighty way. It of course was great fellowship...Great to see old friends and meet new ones! A wonderful...and sad thing happened while in Tulsa....Leigh and Dell got engaged!! It was so neat to meet Uncle Pops (Korena and I's nickname for him) and be apart of the beginning of the Counts! The Drive home was as exciting as the drive there. We all really wanted to go the Grand Canyon on the way guess were we went?! YES! You're right! It was so beautiful. Truly a wonder of our world...and our God! However, the greatness of this little side trip was short lived when I tripped and dropped Korena's phone down the Grand Canyon. Yes..I am telling the truth. We have pictures to prove it. It dropped where we could still see it. So, to say the least....I gave Korena the right to use my phone the whole trip home. Still...after all that fun, I was ready to be home. Since arriving home I have done nothing but work and attend church...Until today. Today was my first day of classes at both Sac City and CRC. I think after attending classes today that I am going to enjoy this semester. This weekend is Labor day weekend. All of my family except the 2 little ones are going camping at Ice House....I am staying in the nice clean house..that has comfortable beds and hot showers until Sunday morning. Then I will join them with the 2 little ones for one night before coming home. I am not exactly your avid camper...I much prefer like...maybe a hotel!? LoL. No, another reason that I will be staying home is Jhenai's wedding is this weekend. Oh and another big announcement is that I will be a Aunt to a little boy by the name of Vincent Patrick starting next month. My oldest sister will be delivering him around Sept. 4th. I will have to make a trip to LA to visit this little rascal and newest member of our family. We are very excited about this little guy. I cannot walk through the baby stuff without thinking he might need just about everything that I am seeing. HaHaHa...let all the other aunts say Amen! Well, I need to go watch a speech for homework~! I will be putting pictures up as soon as Korena emails them to me. Ciao for now!