Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh...and Welcome!

I want to welcome my little sister Brandy to the Blog world. It is a cute little blog...she doesn't have alot of stuff on it yet. She will work on it though. And welcome to Victoria!

A new post! Finally!

Wow! I have been so busy and of course my blog is what gets forgotten. :( I have been super busy! I have been working.:( I went thrift storing with Anna, Rachel and Lexi! We had alot of fun. Anna and I focused on books and the other two focused on clothes. We ended our day with Chipotle! A wonderful ending as far as we were concerned. I also took a trip with my family for Fathers day. It was great. We surprised my dad with a camping trip. We could not go far with the kids but we had a great weekend at the Placerville KOA camp. My mom and the older kids left Friday at noon and went to the campgrounds to set up. Myself and the little kids waited at home for Dad to come home and take a shower. My Dad, the little ones and I drove up to meet the rest of the crew. My dad had no idea what was going on. We pulled of into the Koa and he was like are we having dinner here? I was like yes, and we aren't leaving until Sunday. He later told my mom that he could not have had a better fathers day. It was great. Trista and her kids drove up on Saturday and spent the day with us. We all caught fish! There was a playground, fishing pond, swimming pool and a couple animals to play with. Then it was back to the grind. I have been working all this week. Yesterday, I worked 15 hours. I got off and went straight to bed and didn't wake up once. I have not went to bed at 9 pm for probably a year! This weekend Korena, Lexi, Aunt Kim and I are going for a girls weekend! It is going to be lots of fun. When I get back I will post pictures of both weekends. :) I will try to be more diligent with my blog. Please, make sure you noticed the TRY! HeeHee!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lots of pictures!

Sis. Angela Doan and I after eating with the school at Shakeys. There was octopus Pizza.
The Church School and I a couple days after I spoke at chapel.
Love Coke!? They are huge in Japan.
SarahAnne, Tedia-San and Tamiko-San...These two are two of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet and boy, can they touch the throne of God.


This is at the SeaWall. This is the East China Sea.
The cars in Japan are very different from ours. They are very narrow and box shaped.
Sis. Laura and I on our way to Cokesidorie. This is a open air market!
Here I am on Coksidorie Ave. Shopping!
Here I am inside the alley way of the open air market.

Some more pictures!

Tamiko-san, Sis. Diaz, Tomoko-san, and Sakura at the picnic. The most beautiful ocean in all the world.
At a stunning garden with Meemaw! Beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning. Awesome. Breathtaking.
I actually got to go out into that water.

Pictures...At last!

I am sitting on the plane in the first part of the trip....the only reason my hair still looks descent!This is me in Tokyo waiting for my flight to Okinawa. I met a girl name SarahAnne. The first person I have ever met with my name! This is a statue at the airport wear traditional dress.
A typical apartment building.
The Mall! Yes, ladies, 6 stories high!
Soba soup...One of my main staples in Okinawa.

Elijah Matthew! My sweet little friend!

SarahAnne, Christina, Sakura, Lena, Sarah, And IE (I have no Idea how to spell her name)

Sugar cane! It is everywhere, even in the middle of the city in a small area!

Startbucks, anyone!? Yes, I had it. And yes this is the only thing that actually tastes the same as here. Just to let you know... Never go to arby's in Japan!