Monday, April 28, 2008

So, Imma little behind...

Ok, so I have a blog now what? LoL...I never have time for this thing. I dont even have time right now...But I am a multi-tasker....typing, and making the kids breakfast. Well, I have been very is all wonderful and exciting things. I leave for Japan in 8 days. Whew! Thats crazy. I know it will be fine but Im kinda scared. My Meemaw is taking me so, it wont be that bad. She's a pretty brave lady. I think that if I got to pick anyone to go overseas with it would be Meemaw. She knows what to do over there in scary places. God is going to do great things. We are going to be attending two conferences. Im going to climb trees while I am there. (Love ya, Kim!) Pray for me!!! The wedding is Saturday! Im Not Ready for this to happen. I can't believe Karissa is getting married. Since we were little girls we have always dreamed of how our wedding would turn out. I have to say that so far Karissa's is turning out way better then our 7 yr. old mind could have thought it to be. Welp, I better get back to work....Ill try to get on this at least one more time before the wedding. :) Ciao!